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Configure Office 365 Email for Mail Notifications for work flows in Dynamics 365 Finance and operations – Part 1



Configure Office 365 Email for Mail Notifications for work flows in Dynamics 365 Finance and operations - Part 1

Microsoft Dynamics 365 finance and operations contains workflows to manage various day to day activities. This blog helps you to configure your environment to generate emails whenever a work item is assigned to you in D365 F&O, providing you the option to take appropriate decision on the go.
To configure Office365 Email for mail notifications from Dynamics 365 finance and operations, you need to configure email using following steps:

  1. Go to System Administration -> Setup -> Email -> Email Parameters. (see red box and green box)1
  • The following form appears:2
  • In the email providers tab
    • In the Batch Email provider dropdown, select SMTP
    • Also enable all the Email provider ID present in Available Box, in the fast tab named ‘Enable interactive email providers
  • In the SMTP Settings Tab3
    • In Outgoing Mail Server enter ‘’, if primary email provider is hotmail or outlook.
    • In SMTP port number field enter ‘587’.
    • Enter the user id from which you want to send the notifications email from (Must be an account with your company domain).
    • Enter the password you use to login office365 mail.
    • Leave the check box as yes if SSL encryption is required, otherwise turn it off.
  1. Next you need to make sure that the users included in workflows have an email address assigned to their users. To do that execute the following steps.
    1. On Microsoft Dynamics 365 web portal, go to System Administration -> Users -> Users -> Select the user -> Enter the email (If there are multiple users then assign them Emails by following the above-mentioned procedure)45
  2. Create a batch job to push emails by system automatically.
    1. To create a batch job go to System Administration -> Periodic Tasks -> Email Processing -> Batch6
  3. The following window appears from right side of the screen:7

Select yes for Batch Processing Check box

Select the batch group.

Press OK at the bottom.