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November 1, 2019
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November 4, 2019

Working With Extension/Model (Part 2) – D365FO



Working With Extension/Model (Part 2) – D365FO

Create an extension of the objects related to other models in our custom model in D365

When we create a new model in D365, the model refers to the only package ApplicationPlatform by default which means we can only create extensions of the objects related to the ApplicationPlatform model. System will not allow to work with the objects related to other models with our model AXGuru_Customizations.

For example:

We can create extension in our model to customize the objects of Application Platform model.

But if we need to customize an object related to other models like Application suite, the system does not allow us to create extension of the objects by disabling the option.

This is because system will only allow to work with the packages referenced with our model AXGuru_Customizations. So, In this case we need to add Application suite reference to our model.

Go to tab Dynamics365> Model Management > update model paramaters...

Select the model to update it. Then click Next.

Check mark the Application suite from the list and click Next and then click Finish.

Now, as we have updated our model. The system will enable the option to create extension for the objects related to Application suite. We can now do customization.

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Saeed ur Rehman
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