The sheer experience and knowledge that we have gained by servicing clients from diverse business verticals including Retail, Education, Government, Marketing & Sales, Research, Hospitality, etc. has made us a prominent player in ERP development, customization and implementation with specialization in Microsoft Dynamics AX.


The functionality of Microsoft Dynamics AX covers all the aspects of your manufacturing processes that include, material planning, product information management, production control, procurement and sourcing, sales/marketing, distribution and inventory management. By implementing Microsoft Dynamics AX, we can ensure efficient and timely completion of your business processes that helps in streamlining resources, production, inventory, distribution and sales along with other data processing and management.


AXGuru is your reliable partner in deploying the most technically and technologically advanced retail solutions for your business. Right from inventory management to point of sales (POS), not only do we every step covered but we also have a track record to boast that speak volumes about our expertise in POS deployment of the Microsoft Retail Enterprise solution.


Educational institutions are entities from whom high service is demanded in return of a low budget and less revenue generating along with high performance maintenance and reliability. From accounting and financial projections to operations and compliance, we hold expertise that are vital to perform with K-12 schools, colleges and universities that provide cost effective and reliable solutions using the Microsoft Dynamics AX.


The sensitiveness of health care organizations often bring them face to face with a complex array of issues regarding industry compliance and challenges. At AXGuru, we provide affordable yet professional services and solutions to manage health care accounting, financial projections, medical record, billing, taxation, audit and others to health care organizations that are looking to automate their day to day operations for increased efficiency.


Restructuring public services hold crucial importance to fuel the economic and social success. Technology can and is playing a vital role in effectively servicing citizens. This restructuring can be hugely supported by our specially crafted technology solutions that are cost effective and customized according to your requirements. Many of our solutions are already in place at State Government and Federal Level


Sales and marketing efforts are directly proportional to the business’ success. Microsoft Dynamics AX streamlines this entire process and puts in a new life in your sales and marketing efforts starting from opportunity identification, lead generation to the final payment.


The competition in the hospitality industry is rising an unimaginable pace, thanks to the influx of world travelers and easy access to destinations, hospitality industry is facing constant challenges and pressures to meet the number provided by the competitors. Due to this competition, the need to have solutions that integrate the day to day tasks and process handling efficiencies along with providing financial projections to hospitality companies is crucial today than any other day. AXGuru can help in implementing such solutions for all types of hospitality companies like Hotels, Hostels, Tour managers, Car rentals, Restaurants etc.