In case of error, an error description is provided separately for every record. The catch here is that this error description is not part of the export error log functionality which is provided by Microsoft to view the entire list of errors. In order to see error message against corresponding error record of staging execution details, application user has to manually view messages against lines on Staging Data Form. This approach is feasible when the number of errors are less, but what if the number of errors are in thousands or tens of thousands, surely then it would be an arduous task to manually view error descriptions against every error.


To facilitate this process, AxGuru has provided an add-on on Staging Details Form, to export entire error list with their corresponding messages. This add-on is guaranteed to save human effort, as a result reducing overhead cost and speeding up the entire data migration process.



Streamline sourcing and replenishment

Acquire inventory from the right vendor at the right price, and allocate and replenish stores based on season, market demand, and competitive pressures.

Manage product demand

Offer the right products in the right channels at the right prices by centrally tracking product information, categories, assortment, and pricing.

Amplify sales and promotions

Target product and promotion by category, channel, season, loyalty, and tier to impact revenue.


Maximize business impact

Reduce fulfillment costs, improve inventory utilization, and efficiently manage your business using customer and operational insights.

Speed up end-of-day activities

Complete key store closing activities faster using automated and streamlined workflows.

Increase inventory visibility

Manage stock counts to enable the right level of inventory at the right locations.

Meet changing business needs

Drive actions to support multi-company, multi-brand, and multi-channel global operations.