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Implementations & Upgrades

For any business to strive and succeed in this age of extreme competition requires a direct link with leveraging technology. Different software systems with the capability to manage finance, human resources, marketing, engineering and other aspects of a business operations are being implemented. These systems provide intelligent insights, from tiniest of details to front-line executives to rendering organization’s big picture to the C-level execs that will assist them in making strategic decisions. The first step towards achieving a perfect fit is by partnering with a firm that keenly understands what your business requirements are and how it can leverage its competence to craft solutions that will help you in achieving greater milestones. AXGuru is your reliable partner that offers a complete range of services and solutions that are imperative for a successful software implementation.


Are you looking for a Customer Relationship Management solution? If yes, then AXGuru is the right place to be. Through the implementation of our Dynamics CRM we help businesses achieve success by integrating your business processes with the prowess of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.



Businesses and their unique requirements are getting bigger and more complex with every passing day. Dynamics AX ERP solutions answers this call by understanding your business pain-points and developing solutions that streamline your processes to ramp up productivity. So, whether you operate in the manufacturing, retail, distribution, research or hospitality industry, AXGuru has the expertise to successfully integrate your business processes on Dynamics AX. With a proven track record and a long list of satisfied international clientele, you can be rest assured you’re your business on the right path to enhanced efficiency and profitability.


AXGuru provides services for ADP Integration, a leading human capital management (HCM) platform, with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Approximately 60,000 clients leverage the power of ADP. Integration with one of the leading ERP D365 helps manage their businesses more strategically and effectively. This integration offers clients a cloud-based solution for payroll, HR, time and attendance, tax services, benefits and talent management, which helps organizations achieve

  • Greater insights: Real-time visibility of financial and HR transactions for faster and informed decision-making.
  • Efficiency: Once users input employee information, time-sheets and financial data, it is dynamically updated in both systems.


Till date, we have successfully implemented numerous POS solutions for multiple clients by utilizing our expertise with the Microsoft Dynamic Technologies. Right from the data collection to the deployment, we are capable of handling all your integration steps and assure a streamlined, cutting-edge retail solution put to place.


No matter how much we talk about it, the importance of a strong web presence with strong brand awareness can never be translated into words. For companies, a prominent web presence is what makes up for incremental business generation. At AXGuru, we make sure what we create for you, not only suffices the purpose, but also puts your best foot forward in front of your potential and existing customers by integrating and leveraging the sheer power of Dynamix AX.



To be able to perform tasks and make informed decision on-the-go is integral to any business’s success. Whether it’s your sales force, distribution network or customer support department; Microsoft Dynamics provides options to integrate mobility solutions in your different processes. At AXGuru, we strive to build solutions according to your requirement and put them to work. With a highly sought-after team of designers and developers, AXGuru has got your business covered. To keep your processes running smoothly across different devices and platforms, our mobile solutions are tailored to run on all the major platforms; including Android, iOS and Windows.


AXGuru knows the importance of business processes and when integrated with Microsoft Dynamics AX, you need to be sure of the upgrades and fixes being released on time. By working tirelessly, we make the timely releases of your upgrades and fixes possible so that you could concentrate on running your business efficiently without worrying about the backdrops.